Демонстрация работы SWG-12 и приемника P-900 в Индонезии


On the request of a customer in Indonesia, our official representative PT. SINERGI SINAR ABADI has demonstrated the effectiveness of the mobile system SWG-12 and the receiver P-900 in pinpointing a fault in a 3-phase XLPE-insulated cable line.

The fault location procedure was carried out in several stages. At first, SWG-12 was used in the “TEST” mode for high-voltage DC testing of each of the cable cores in order to identify the faulty one. Then, with an aid of the reflectometer RIF-9, the distance to the fault was measured using an arc reflection method (ARC). Finally, the fault was pinpointed with an acoustic method, using the surge wave generator built into the SWG-12 and the P-900 receiver.

SWG-12 - https://kep.ua/en-en/mobile-cable-fault-location-system/swg-12-32
RIF-9 - https://kep.ua/en-en/reflectometer/rif-9
P-900 - https://kep.ua/en-en/surge-receivers-and-locator/p-900


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