Sistema de localización de fallas en cables (ETL)

ETL-40V is a modular diagnostic and test equipment, which is designed for testing and fault location of both LV and MV cables. The key parameters are designed flexible to satisfy customer’s specific requirements.


- DC cable testing up to 40 kV with 100 mA max. current;

- Burning up to 20 kV / 1 A;

- Surge energy up to 2000 J;

- Precise fault prelocating using Time‑Domain Reflectometer RIF‑9 working in:

TDR mode;

Arc-Reflection mode;

Impulse Current Mode;

Voltage coupling mode;

Automatic test procedure;

Fault location using step voltage mode (optional).


- Easy user friendly interface;

- High safety level;

- Multistep self fault protection;

- Flexible auxiliary equipment integration.

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